UD AGI Atomizer

The UD AGI is one of the most versatile rebuildable atomizers to date.  The AGI can be used as a genesis style atomizer, a dripping atomier, or silica tank atomizer just by changing the setup.

The AGI has a new top cap that is capable of being adjusted to position the air hole for maximum vapor, or throat hit.

Rebuildable using either Stainless Steel mesh, or Silica Rope.

The stainless steel body with chrome finish is highly durable, looks very attractive on a variety of units.  With its 510 thread connection, and sealed connector it can be used on a vast array of 510 threaded units. 

The tank is made of Pyrex  and holds roughly 3ml of liquid. 

The AGI has a built in protective hot spring to prevent any damage from a short circuit.  " This is not a fail safe safety feature.  Still use caution when building and using this atomizer. "

The AGI comes with the following :

     1 x AGI MultiPurpose Atomizer
     4 x Spare o-rings
     1 x Wire
     1 x Mesh
     1 x Silica Rope
     1 x Spare Nut
     1 x Safety Hot Spring
     1 x Spare Screw
     1 x Allen Key

The rebuildable & genesis style atomizer is only for advanced users who can roll their own mesh wicks, and coils.  If you are not comfortable with this, and or using a meter to ensure a proper coil we do not suggest purchasing this atomizer.  

We will not be responsible for any damage to any equipment etc... from the use of this atomizer.  Please use caution when building or using this product. 

Due to the nature of this product we will only warranty it against manufacturer defect.  Any damage from cross threading, thread damage, oring damage, and normal wear an tear is not covered. 

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